To Eyelash Extend or Not?

So, everywhere I go, women have these spidery eyelashes that look amazing.  I have wanted longer lashes for a long time…but I was scared to try it.  Until now, my wonderful husband gave me eyelashes for Christmas.

Here is my experience:

It took 2 hours

It was relaxing for the 1st hour and then it made me antsy because my eyes were closed.

It did not hurt except once when it felt a bit poky on the edge of my eye–and the adhesive can burn for a few seconds.

It costs about $100 and lasts about 3 weeks at which time you need a refill

Refill costs about 30-50 dollars

The results: I love them!  They feel like my own lashes and they look like my own but longer.  I feel glamorous and confident enough not to want to put on a scrap of other makeup.  Also, they seem to make my husband do things for me when I bat my eyelashes at him.


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