South Africa Trip Part 1

Hello Friends,

I went to South Africa to visit my daughter (she was completing her study abroad)  in Capetown.  We felt this was a wonderful excuse to visit Johannesburg,  the Kruger, Durban, and Maputo— “Gilmore Girl” style—lots of spontaneity, gallons of coffee and little bit of charm and wit.

Capetown is a gorgeous place that has an electricity that I have never felt anywhere else that I have traveled.   The people are amazingly friendly (when you say thank you…their reply is always “Pleasure”) and the food is wonderful!

Koeksister and coffee–a donut-like pastry that is uniquely South African and so delicious.

so good! I needed one of these every morning!

We stayed at Naomi’s “Bel-Hoorn Guesthouse” which was our home away from home–walking distance to the University of the Western Cape.

Bel-Hoorn Guest House
Bel-Hoorn Guest House Address: 19 Azalea Cres, Belhar 17, Cape Town, 7493, South Africa  Phone:+27 21 953 0035

The Kruger was the highlight of our African trip because we got to see the ‘Big Five’.  Here are some pictures and videos.

Safari in South Africa–Kruger National Park

King of the Jungle–So close…and majestic…showing us who is the boss!


Giraffes are so graceful


Black Rhino–Don’t give them eye contact…

Don’t mess with this one…he is feisty


Elephantsthey eat so cute!

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